What is your company's service area?
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What are your rates for service?
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Do you charge extra for RUSH service?
Yes.  Call us for a quote on papers that require RUSH service at
(601) 270-0156 or (601)310-2836
How long does it take your company to serve a document?
Generally, service is made within seven (7) days of receiving the document.  Obviously, this varies with each document, but our goal is to give service within three (3) days of receipt.
How many attempts will you make on a document?
We will make three (3) deligent attempts on each document before charging a mileage fee.  We will make as many attempts as necessary to serve the document.  However, your firm will be contacted before the fourth attempt and given a full status report of the document before charging any additional fees.
What information do I need to provide to your company before service can be made?
Any information that your firm has regarding the subject helps.  Full name, social security number, and date of birth are vital in the case that we have to locate a new address.  Also, if you have a telephone number, place of employment, or work phone number, please send the information along with the document.  If you have a picture of the person to be served, please send it and we will return it with the completed process.
What does your company do in the event of a bad address on a document?
We will access public records such as Justice Court computers, voter registration, and jail dockets.  We also file the proper paperwork with the Postal Service to get a forwarding address if the defendant has moved.